• Khaled Hassan Consultant Family Medicine, Saudi Arabia.



Asthma exacerbations, β-agonist, corticosteroids, differential diagnosis, fatal and non-fatal asthma


Background: Asthma is a major health problem affecting all ages that increase the mortality rate worldwide. Early detection of its signs and symptoms are essential to control and maintain the disease and effective treatments are administrated, such as; ?-agonists and corticosteroids. The current review is about acute asthma, prognosis, and treatment.

Methods: Scientific articles that linked to the present topic were obtained using an online searching process. The searching process included different scientific websites such as Google Scholar and PubMed. We obtained 16 articles that matched with the current subject and written in English. Of those 16 articles, 4 were excluded as they published before 2000, or mayn’t focusing on the present topic, or written in a language other than English; therefore, only 12 papers were included, and they were published till 2020.

Results: Articles were selected according to the inclusion criteria that we selected, and then the discussion of the subject was performed under the main titles.

Conclusion: Asthma is one of the most chronic inflammatory disease that increased the mortality rate worldwide. Asthma could affect 300 million individuals and account for one death among 250 death cases. All patients admitted with asthma exacerbation should be assessed promptly through detecting and recognition worsening signs and symptoms. The initial treatment includes oxygen administration, Short-acting ?-agonist, and systematic corticosteroids. Decreasing the severity of asthma exacerbations by improving daily therapy for asthma, controlling environmental triggers, and increasing patient education toward asthma risks and how they recognize its symptoms and seek for health care help.   

Keywords: Asthma exacerbations, ?-agonist, corticosteroids, differential diagnosis, fatal and non-fatal asthma.




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