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Dr. Vishal Kaundal Dr. Vikrant Sharma


Background: Duodenal ulcer is a common condition characterized by the presence of a well- demarcated break in the mucosa that may extend into the muscularis propria of the duodenum.

Methods: This prospective observational study was conducted in the Department of Surgery, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College Kangra at Tanda, consisting of patients hospitalised   in department of surgery. Patient data was collected from all patients showing clinical signs and symptoms of perforated duodenal ulcer, attending Dr. RPGMC TANDA during 1 year period after ethical clearance of study.

Results: The mean age of patients was 43 years with maximum number of patients were of age group between 19-45 years. Ninety two percent of patients were male and 8% were female. Sixty two percent of patients with duodenal ulcer perforation belong to low socioecnomic strata. Ten percent of patients  presented within 24 hours after onset of symptoms. Ten percent of patients out of 90 % which presented after 24 hours were in shock.

Conclusion: Perforation of duodenal ulcer remains a frequent clinical problem in our environment predominantly affecting 19-45 years group labourer males known to suffer from duodenal ulcer.

Keywords: Duodenal Ulcer, Perforation, Clinical Profile

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Kaundal, D. V., & Sharma, D. V. (2019). A CLINICAL PROFILE OF PERFORATED DUODENAL ULCER. International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies, 3(8). https://doi.org/10.32553/ijmbs.v3i8.439
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