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Dr. Anubha Nema Dr. Sunil Kumar Mittal


Background: Respiratory distress (RD) is a challenging problem and is one of the most common causes of admission in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Methods: A prospective study was conducted on 50 cases. Term, pre-term and post-term babies both in-borns and out-borns cases were included in the study.

Results: Of the 50 cases admitted with RD, 31 babies (62%) were delivered vaginally and 19 (38%) by lower segment caesarean section (LSCS). There were 33 (66%) males and 17 (34%) females in the study. There were 23 (46%) pre-term babies, 26 (52%) term and 1 (2%) post-term neonates who were admitted with RD. The majority of cases 42 (82%) presented with increased respiratory rate, chest in drawings. 41 (82%) babies had flaring of alae nasi.

Conclusion: Increased respiratory rate along with chest in drawing, flaring of alae nasi are the presentation of RD in majority of cases.

Keywords: Respiratory distress (RD), Flaring of alae nasi are, Tachypnea.

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Nema, D. A., & Mittal, D. S. K. (2019). CLINICAL PROFILE OF NEONATES WITH RESPIRATORY DISTRESS. International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies, 3(7).
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