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Dr. Laxminarayan Nagal Dr. Jagdish Dabi Dr. Harish Kumar Mourya


Background: Study aimed to determine prevalence and clinical profile of functional pain abdomen in children in the age group of 5-14 years coming to the pediatric OPD.

Methods: Hospital based prospective case control study conducted on children aged 5 to 15 years in routine OPD and indoor patient fulfilling the inclusion criteria.  

Results: In the present study, out of 100 cases, 68.00% children were male and 32.00% children were female. Most of children (74.00%) were 5-10 Yrs age group. According to clinical symptoms and investigations, 47(47.00%) children had symptoms suggestive of IBS, 25 (25.00%) children had Dyspepsia, 11 (11.00%) children had Functional pain abdomen, 4 (4.00%) children had FAPS, 2 (2.00%) children had Giardiasis, 1 (1.0%) children had right ovarian cyst, 3 (3.00%) children had coeliac disease, 2 (2%) children had cystitis and 5(5.00%) children had gastritis.

Conclusion: Functional pain abdomen is a common complaint of childhood with associated familial, psychological, and co-morbid conditions. Epidemiologic studies of Functional pain abdomen in children may offer information on the evolution of functional bowel disorders through the lifespan.

Keywords: Bowel disorder, Functional abdominal pain (FAP), Chronic abdominal pain.

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Nagal, D. L., Dabi, D. J., & Mourya, D. H. K. (2019). A CLINICO-EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY OF FUNCTIONAL PAIN ABDOMEN IN CHILDREN. International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies, 3(9). https://doi.org/10.32553/ijmbs.v3i9.512
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