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Dr. Kumari Suruchi Dr. Kumar Durgeshwar Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma Dr.P. K. Sinha


INTRODUCTION: Coronary heart diseases (CHD) is the most common serious disease in developed countries and an acute developing health problem in developing countries and have imposed numerous social and economic costs in developed countries. It is known that MI is caused by smoking, which also causes endothelial dysfunction. There are about 80% cases of MI in developing countries but the studies on risk factors are mostly done in countries which are developed.  It seems to be important to emphasize on studies on risk factors of MI. The mortality of these diseases are shown to increase in developing countries due to lack of familiarity with risk factors associated to coronary heart diseases and failure to comply with preventive measures. 

MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this prospective case-control study information was collected on demographic characteristics, history of cardiovascular disease, lifestyle (smoking) and risk factors using structured questionnaire. Critically ill patients with HIV/AIDS or other major diseases like liver failure, kidney failure, etc. were excluded from the study.

RESULTS: In present study 118 cases and same number of matched controls were included. It was found that in this study, 97(82.2%) cases had smoking habits whereas 61(51.7%) of controls were smokers. Statistically significant smokers were observed in cases. Among all MI patients, 76(64.4%) had family history of CAD while it was present in 32.2% non-MI patient, difference was statistically significant. A significant proportion of cases (72.3%) had high serum lipid levels compared to controls (43.2%). Among all cases 94(79.7%) were hypertensive and 82(69.5%) controls suffered from hypertension, but the difference was not statistically significant. Prevalence of diabetes among cases 72(61.0%) and controls 68(57.6%) was not statistically significant, although prevalence was high in cases. 5(4.2%) of cases had Coronary artery bypass graf(CABG). CONCLUSION: Most common predictors of MI in our study were smoking, high serum lipid levels, family history of CAD, hypertension and diabetes. Early identification and modification of the risk factors is important for preventing MI.

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Suruchi, D. K., Durgeshwar, D. K., Sharma, D. P. K., & Sinha, D. K. (2019). IDENTIFICATION OF RISK FACTORS AMONG MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION PATIENTS ATTENDING DARBHANGA MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL. International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies, 3(9).
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